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What do you know about Positive Interaction and Empathy?

Empowered 24/06/2024

What do you know about Positive Interaction and Empathy?

The term EMPATHY comes from the Greek, en-pathos “feeling inside”, and consists of recognizing the emotions of others as if they were your own, immersing yourself in the reality of others to understand their points of view, thoughts, feelings, emotions.

It refers to the ability to see the world through the eyes of another person without resorting to verbal communication, trying to understand other people’s feelings, thoughts and emotions while keeping them distinct from one’s own.

It is a fundamentally important social skill and represents one of the basic tools of effective and rewarding interpersonal communication.

Empathic communication is a valuable tool in every area of our lives, from the workplace to the social sphere.

However, being empathetic does not only mean perceiving and experiencing the experiences of others since, starting from the mechanism of recognition of the other, we also re-elaborate our experience and our emotions from new points of view.

In other words, this dynamic allows us to get to know ourselves better thanks to the knowledge of the other.

The greatest obstacle to the development of an empathetic relationship is certainly represented by prejudice or preconception. 

Empathy is free from criticism, judgment or evaluation, there is no right or wrong and what matters is exclusively the inner emotional