06. Communication Skills

The aim of this module is to provide women with the relevant theories about communication and interactions, tools and strategies so they can better interact in the different phases of their daily duties and increase their chances of advancement both in their professional and personal. It is designed to teach how to communicate and interact being able to identify the different contexts. In practical contexts participants will work in groups and in pairs, to talk, write, draws and use different tools of communication. Emphasis is also given to empathy, active listening and feelings.
Empowered · 19/05/2023

Learning objectives

  1. Knowledge

    • Explain the different types of communication
    • Define empathy
    • List the characteristics of a communication plan
  2. Skills

    • List different communication channels and tools
    • Explain why and how empathy can promote positive interactions
    • Design a communication plan
  3. Attitudes

    • Demonstrate the importance of communication in daily life interactions
    • Collaborate with peers to define appropriate communication approaches in different contexts.
    • Monitor the implementation of a communication plan

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