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What do you know about Positive Interaction and Empathy? Pt.2

Empowered 24/06/2024

The real key elements for empathic communication are understanding and active listening.

To truly understand the other, we must not simply focus our attention on the story of our interlocutor, but we must marry the focus on how she is telling, on the emotional nuances of the narrative.

Active listening can prove to be a true ally even in the daily relationships of each of us, as it allows us to establish authentic contact with each other and therefore to start a more effective and profitable type of communication.

But active listening to be effective must be empathetic, to ensure that a climate of trust is established, adopting an understanding attitude, not interpreting, not judging, not criticizing, not talking about yourself, not changing the subject, not giving advice that they were not requested.

The use of contact signals is another technique to promote active listening: benevolent looks, smiles, nods of assent with the head and face, all of which highlight an encouraging and reassuring presence.