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Empowered 05/03/2023



  • Innovation is the engine that drives progress by providing breakthrough ideas and practical solutions. To define innovation in business terms we need to shift our perspective and focus. 


  • Specifically, when we are referring to innovation in the business world, we mean the introduction of something new that creates value, whether it’s a new product or service, a business model, or a process. 

Innovative Products

  • The iPod, which revolutionized the way people listen to music by offering a portable, digital alternative to CDs
  • The Tesla Model S, which has pushed the boundaries of electric vehicle design and performance
  • The Nest thermostat, which uses smart technology to learn a user’s schedule and adjust the temperature accordingly

Innovative Processes

  • Toyota’s production system, which introduced the concept of lean manufacturing and has been widely adopted in the automotive industry
  • Online education platforms, which have made it possible for people to learn from anywhere in the world
  • Telemedicine, which allows patients to receive medical care remotely through video conferencing or other technologies

Innovative Business Models

  • Airbnb, which created a new way for people to earn money by renting out their homes or apartments
  • Netflix, which disrupted the traditional model of home entertainment by offering streaming video on demand
  • PayPal, which revolutionized the way people make online payments by offering a secure, easy-to-use platform