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Growth vs Fixed

Empowered 05/05/2023


Growth vs Fixed

Growth mindset and fixed mindset are ways of thinking about learning and development. The main difference is how people view challenges and their abilities.

  • A growth mindset is the belief that skills and intelligence can be learned. Growth-minded people see challenges as learning opportunities and accept failure as part of the learning process. They are resilient, open to feedback, and motivated by learning and self-improvement.
  • A fixed mindset holds that intelligence and abilities are predetermined and unchangeable. Fixed-minded people avoid challenges, don’t ask for feedback, and may feel threatened by others’ success. They may also give up when faced with challenges and see failure as a sign of their own shortcomings.

It’s worth noting that fixed and growth mindsets are not binary and that most people have a mix of both depending on the context and task. By becoming more aware of their thought processes and learning strategies and actively changing how they think about themselves and their abilities, someone can develop a growth mindset.