01. Digital Transformation

Digital technologies and advancements rapidly change the business landscape, creating a continuously disruptive environment. This module aims to lay the foundation for digital transformation by providing women with a common language and a starting point for change. Participants will be able to identify the digital skills they need to develop and how digital transformation affects the entire corporate environment. This module also discusses future challenges, the areas of learning that workers must pursue and identifying digital competencies. Women will discover the characteristics of a growth mindset, which is required in order to adopt new ways of learning and working. Combining a growth mindset with change management strategies and disruptive technologies women can enhance their competitiveness and develop critical digital skills for their performance by utilising and exploiting innovative methods. This module also includes interactive exercises to enhance a growth attitude.
Empowered · 02/05/2023

Learning objectives

  1. Knowledge

    • Define digital transformation and digital-first mindset
    • Explain the steps for establishing and supporting digital transformation initiatives
    • Distinguish between a growth mindset from a fixed-mindset
  2. Skills

    • Discuss the benefits of reinventing business models for digital environments
    • Design a digital transformation roadmap
    • Evaluate own learning path from analogues processes to digital processes
  3. Attitudes

    • Adopt a digital-first mindset
    • Deal with the challenges brought up by digital transformation processes
    • Become more agile and adaptive in daily tasks by using digital tools

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