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What do you know about effective oral interaction?

Empowered 14/06/2024

What do you know about effective oral interaction?


For oral communication to be effective, it should be clear, relevant, tactful in phraseology and tone, concise, and informative. 

Verbal communication skills matter because they enable you to build rapport with other people, which creates more positive interactions and stronger work relationships. With these skills, you can convey a sense of confidence and ensure that your audience understands your message or expectations. The ability to communicate clearly helps you succeed in various work situations, including projects, negotiations and job interviews.

There are 5 principles to effective communication:


Skilled communicators don’t just speak or listen, in fact they can make connections, learn from their mistakes, prepare and orient their communication.


 In terms of effective communication this means being responsible for the results of our own communication.


Effective communication promotes respect even when it comes to saying unpleasant things, as it happens during arguments or in everyday interactions.


 All kinds of effective communication are based on trust, as indeed in the case of clients and sellers, employers and employees.


 Effective communication  is creative communication, it is flexible and open to new possibilities: it is flexible and open to the different contexts in which it takes place. Creativity is the result of positive interaction between homogeneity and difference.