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What do you know about decision making? Pt.2

Empowered 24/06/2024

What do you know about decision making? Pt.2


System 1 Thinking:

  • Our brains’ fast, automatic, unconscious, and emotional response to situations and stimuli. 
  • This can be in the form of absentmindedly reading text on a billboard, knowing how to tie your shoelaces without a second thought, or instinctively hopping over a puddle on the sidewalk.

System 2 Thinking: 

  • The slow, effortful, and logical mode in which our brains operate when solving more complicated problems.
  • For example, System 2 thinking is used when looking for a friend in a crowd, parking your vehicle in a tight space, or determining the quality-to-value ratio of your take-out lunch.

Even when we think that we are being rational in our decisions, our System 1 beliefs and biases still drive many of our choices. Understanding the interplay of these two systems in our daily lives can help us become more aware of the bias in our decisions – and how we can avoid it.