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What do you know about a professional CV and cover letter?

Empowered 16/07/2024

What do you know about a professional CV and cover letter

The purpose of your CV is to highlight your relevant experience to present you as the ideal person for the job. The person reading your CV needs to understand what you do – recruiters cannot confidently put you forward for interviews if they aren’t sure whether your skills and experience will match the job requirements. Make it as easy as possible for the employer to match you to the job description.

Recruiters spend only 6 seconds scanning each CV. So the very first impression is key. If you submit a neat, properly organised document, you will convince the recruiters to spend more time on your CV. 

Pro Tip: If you’re fresh out of university and need to write a student CV with no experience, or if you’ve graduated from a very prestigious institution within the last 5 years, put your education section above your work experience.