12. Self-promotion

Unemployed women are the most vulnerable category, as they either possess insufficient skills, due to focusing more on family duties than on their career, or they lack the self-confidence to promote themselves in the labour market because they have been unemployed for a while and they have lost contact with the labour market. This module is designed to guide unemployed women in finding a job that is suitable for their skills and competences and to provide them with the right means to identify their goals and individual mechanisms for choosing a suitable career. It will offer women a set of instruments that will improve their skills and their motivation to find employment in a working environment that is constantly changing. Women will learn to assess their own competencies, identify their strengths and weaknesses, set achievable goals and identify aspects that they can improve, and qualification courses that they can attend locally, in order to acquire the necessary competences
Empowered · 19/06/2023

Learning objectives

  1. Knowledge

    • List own professional and personal skills
    • Explain the core skills and job searching techniques needed to conduct an effective job search
    • Recall the items to integrate in a curriculum vitae and cover letter
  2. Skills

    • Create a personal development plan
    • Search actively for job advertises in different websites and social media platforms
    • Prepare a Europass CV and cover letters
  3. Attitudes

    • Perform a personal SWOT analysis
    • Assess different job searching techniques
    • Adapt own curriculum vitae to match job advertisements

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