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Theories about motivation

Empowered 06/02/2023

Theories about motivation


Write down the following prompts:

  • Why is being motivated so important?
  • How to find motivation when it is scarce and how to continue to be motivated over time?
  • Why is intrinsic motivation more effective than extrinsic motivation?
  • What links motivation and personal empowerment?


After this activity you will be able to better understand yourself and set up motivational actions and strategies.

Step1: Focus on one goal at a time; break it down into simpler, more prioritized goals. Focus and clarity are the basis of the pursuit of concrete results.

Step2: Create a list of very strong motivations that lead you to achieving the set goal; focus, then, not only on the advantages that achieving this goal will bring you, but also on the possible obstacles you will encounter and write down how you think you can overcome them, this allows you to see, not only the result, but also the path that you have to deal with with the right balance between positive and negative things, in order to still remain anchored to reality.

Step3: Decide how to reward yourself when you meet goals or sub-goals.

Step4: Don’t indulge the sabotaging thought, but let it flow through your mind while holding your goal and your path. Learn to let go of all those negative thoughts that are blocking you. If we change the perspective from which we see a situation, we change the emotional reaction that arises from it.

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