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ProActive vs ReActive

Empowered 06/02/2023

ProActive vs ReActive


As opposed to being proactive, being reactive means just waiting for things to happen to you; circumstances dictate your actions instead of your actions dictating the circumstances.
There is a stimulus and there is a response. In between, there is your freedom to choose what your reaction will be. Will it be proactive or reactive?

If you’re not sure, here are some additional questions to ask yourself that can help you figure it out:

  •  Do you have any kind of long-term plan?
  •  Do you take an active or passive role at work and in life?
  •  Do you make a decision only when you absolutely have to?
  •  Do you think about the future and anticipate possible outcomes or do you have a more live-in-the-moment approach?
  •  Do you feel like life is just happening to you and you’re not playing an active role in it?


After this activity you will be able to acknowledge negative thoughts and attitudes and bring out the positives. Pay attention to how we communicate with ourselves, the signals we send each other, the beliefs we have.

Proactivity Checklist 

Being proactive is an important skill in school, work, and life. This week find opportunities to be proactive in different ways. 

Below is a checklist of some different ways that you can be proactive throughout the day. Be creative and get proactive!
– Solve a problem
– Do something kind
– Fix something that is broken
– Improve your physical health
– Complete a household chore
– Improve a relationship 

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