04. Introduction to Design Thinking

This module aims to introduce the Design Thinking methodology and to improve a human-centred approach when designing and developing a product or service. The module explains the steps of this methodology and provides participants with useful tools and methods for completing the steps and dealing with any potential challenges that may arise during the process. In addition to Design Thinking, participants will have the opportunity to improve their soft skills such as complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. Hands-on exercises and interactive tasks will encourage participants to use the design thinking methodology when developing new products or services, resulting in creative and innovative outcomes.
Empowered · 02/05/2023

Learning objectives

  1. Knowledge

    • Explain the design thinking methodology and process
    • Identify the importance of customer expectations when designing a new solution
    • Define the key elements of prototyping
  2. Skills

    • Use design thinking tools to solve complex problems and attend possible customer’s needs
    • Evaluate different perspectives that drive a person to achieve better results
    • Create low-cost prototypes to test own assumptions
  3. Attitudes

    • Practice empathy to be able to attend customer’s needs
    • Improve team relationships by sharing own insights and ideas
    • Recognise trial and error as a process to solve problems

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