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Effective goal-setting techniques

Empowered 16/07/2024

Three (3) effective goal-setting techniques

1. The SMART(ER) technique

This is one of the most popular and efficient methods of goal-setting,.

S — Specific — should target a specific (clearly stated) area for improvement.

M — Measurable — should have numbers or indicators to measure progress.

A — Achievable — should stretch you a little but stay within your skill/knowledge range.

R — Realistic — should say what results can be achieved in realistic terms, with available resources.

T — Timely — should specify when the results are due so that a sense of urgency is there.

E — Evaluate — by evaluating your goals every single day, you’ll be much more likely to achieve them.

R — Readjust — means to try various approaches until you find yourself getting closer to realising your goals.


2. The WOOP technique

This technique is effective for setting goals to break negative habits.

W — Wish – wish something you want to accomplish and attach a positive feeling to the goal you want.

O — Outcome – imagine the best outcome of your goal and recognise how it would make you feel.

O — Obstacle – imagine the personal obstacles that prevent you from accomplishing your goal.

P — Plan – make an if/then plan to name an action you could do if an obstacle appears.


3. The HARD technique

This technique is effective for setting productive, personal goals,.

Heartfelt: If you want to learn a new skill, imagine the pride of having a new skill. Connect that pride with the goal and use it as motivation..

Animated: Visualise what achieving your goal would look like. Incorporate every all five senses so you can remember the feeling every time you think about your goal.

Required: If possible, connect your goal to something that’s necessary for you. For example, if you want to improve your research skills, volunteer to create a report for your team.

Difficult: Set a goal that challenges you. By doing this, you’ll feel accomplished when you complete it.