10. Goal Setting

Having the know-how to set and work towards achieving goals is a significant predictor of success and performance. It is common knowledge that having goals is important but it is less common for individuals to actively set and achieve them. Goal-setting is important for women to guide their focus, set improved behaviours in motion, by combating inefficiencies and procrastination, and sustain continued personal and professional growth. Participants will be guide to align their focus and promote a sense of self-mastery and provide them with the necessary tools to identify individual and career goals and mechanisms to achieve them. Theoretical knowledge of goal-setting techniques and their implications will be provided, as well as facilitation techniques on how to an action plan. This particular goal-setting action plan will include how to set clear, realistic, objectives, goal analysis, and setting short-term goals with a long-term outlook, ultimately empowering women to realise extraordinary results both personally and professionally.
Empowered · 19/06/2023

Learning objectives

  1. Knowledge

    • Define goal-setting
    • Describe effective goal-setting techniques
    • List the main items to include in a goal setting action plan
  2. Skills

    • Categorise different types of goals
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of goal-setting techniques
    • Produce a goal setting action plan in accordance with a personal or professional goal
  3. Attitudes

    • Demonstrate how goal-setting can impact success and performance
    • Advise for the use of goal-setting technique in accordance with a goal
    • Demonstrate the practical use of a goal setting action plan

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