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Ηow goal-setting can impact success and performance.

Empowered 14/06/2024

Ηow goal-setting can impact success and performance


Take some time to think and write down your thoughts and experiences on the following prompts:. 

  • Are the any goals that you have been considering but have not yet had the courage to pursue?
  • Think about any limiting beliefs that you might have and reframe them as supporting beliefs
  • Consider your knowledge of goal-setting and the types of goal-setting there are. How does this empower you to understand your goals in a more tangible manner? 
  • Be aware of the different types of goal-setting and the implications of each in motivating you to reach success.


After this write down/type out a goal that you wish to pursue in the short term.

  1. Formulate your goal using your new knowledge on the different types of goals that you learnt about.
  2. Consider reasons why you have not pursued this goal yet or any limiting beliefs that have prevented you from pursuing your goal?
  3. Counter any limiting beliefs that you have with supporting beliefs to help you get your goal journey started.

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