03.Introduction to Digital media _ Marketing

The growth of mobile devices and social media has dramatically changed how consumers interact online, and it's up to organizations to adapt. To get the most out of digital marketing, it's essential to understand the vital fundamentals of digital marketing touchpoints and transformation, including the consumer's behaviours and expectations in today's digital marketplace. This module aims to reveal the benefits of digital marketing and the importance of developing a digital marketing strategy for our customers. The participants will discover social media and its features and explore all the marketing procedures they can use to utilise technology. They will also be able to find which marketing strategy fits their needs and which digital tools to use to optimize their marketing activities. This module also includes hands-on activities for creating a LinkedIn page, a Facebook Business page and groups in various social media channels.  
Empowered · 28/04/2023

Learning objectives

  1. Knowledge

    • Identify the differences between traditional and digital marketing
    • Define content marketing
    • Select one social media channel to affirm own digital presence
  2. Skills

    • Design a personal marketing strategy
    • Use storytelling to create digital content
    • Develop a professional profile using LinkedIn and or Facebook
  3. Attitudes

    • Choose the appropriate digital and the social media channels that better fit to own needs
    • Focus on the customer value and their expectations
    • Recognize own digital footprint and digital identity

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