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Self-Esteem vs Self-confidence

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Self-Esteem vs Self-confidence

Empowered 06/02/2023

Self-Esteem vs Self-confidence


Write down the following prompts:

  • If self-confidence is so useful why is it so difficult for many people to find it?
  • How to make our ideal self coincide with the real one?
  • Is it possible to be able to accept your imperfections?


After this activity you will be able to acknowledge negative thoughts and attitudes and bring out the positives. Pay attention to how we communicate with ourselves, the signals we send each other, the beliefs we have.

You should:
Increase your problem solving skills, as self-esteem is often a function of one’s ability to solve problems.

Develop your positive internal dialogue (self-talk); self-esteem, in fact, can be increased through positive dialogue with oneself, using one’s inner voice. In other words, if we first send positive messages to our mind, it is very likely that self-perceptions can improve.