02. Remote Work

This module aims to present best practices to promote effectiveness and efficiency in a hybrid workspace. Participants will be introduced to different digital tools and learn how to adapt them to their work in order to enhance their productivity. Through a myth-busting quiz, they will also learn the dos and don’ts of remote work and how virtual communication differs from face-to-face communication. At the end of the module, participants will be challenged to complete the task of organising a digital meeting in order to apply the methodologies and digital tools presented, with the final goal of being aware of the benefits of organising a digital office that allows them to work in a hybrid workplace.    
Empowered · 28/04/2023

Learning objectives

  1. Knowledge

    • Categorise the key elements for organising a remote work environment
    • Identify digital tools for communication and collaboration
    • Explain the key factors of an effective virtual communication
  2. Skills

    • Describe strategies to create effective digital touch points
    • Choose the appropriate collaboration technology and tools for own needs
    • Engage effectively in online meetings, discussions, classed, etc
  3. Attitudes

    • Comply with best practices that promote effective and efficient
    • Adapt to the raid shifts of the digitalisation processes
    • Improve work productivity and efficiency through the use of digital tools

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